Bath Time

Bath time is not a favourite activity in our house. As much as Kaylee loves to swim, she doesn’t actually like being wet very much… and Guinness … well…

But if you wanna swim in the harbour, you’ve got to be prepared for the consequences.

The inlaws have a chain-link, fenced in kennel off their deck which provides the perfect “there is no escape!” containment area, so we headed over for a little one-on-one time with the hose.

Kaylee was the first to figure out what the deal was (probably because she gets bathed more often, on account of the lovely “eau de wet chien” that comes from being the swimmer of the family).

Well, balls.
Well, balls.

Kaylee approaches bath time with a practical attitude.

"This is gonna suck."
This… this is gonna suck.

It’s what you might call “stoic, but resigned.”

"Look away... I don't want you to remember me like this."
Look away… I don’t want you to see me like this.

She starts to warm up marginally around the scrub-down part, because it’s a bit like getting many pets with squishy hands.

"Do I seem happy to you?"
Do I seem happy to you?

Then we have the rinse down, and the three stage drying method.
1. The Shake Off

"Shake shake shake... shake your booty..."
Shake shake shake… shake your booty…

2. The Towel Off

"Awwww yeah rub mah ears...that's the stuff..."
Awwww yeah rub mah ears…that’s the stuff…

3. And the Grass Off.

Ridiculous girl.
Ridiculous girl.

Guinness, in contrast to Kaylee, does not regard bath time with any sort of stoic resolve.

Haha, sucka got a bath... glad it's not... aw nuts.
Haha, sucka got a bath… glad it’s not… aw nuts.

First there’s the “plead for leniency” stage.

Please let me out.

Followed by the “vague threats” stage.

I'm going to make you regret this.
Do you see this face? This is the face of a dog who is going to make you regret this.

This is where things usually start to go badly.

Yeah no. Guinness OUT.
Yeah no. Guinness OUT.

You can see what a seamless process this is.


Somehow, I now feel as though I would be an expert at that carnival game where you have to hit the moving targets with a water pistol.

Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end.

Bath's done? High five!
Bath’s done? High five!

Guinness is what my husband calls the “Swiss Army Knife of dogs” so he’s usually dry in 60 seconds. Kaylee, however…

So wet. So very wet.
So wet. So very wet.

So the dogs aren’t too thrilled with me… but hey, at least they’re clean, right?

You know we're totally going to roll in the first mud puddle we can find, right?
You do know we’re totally going to roll in the first mud puddle we can find, right?

South Shore Road Trip

It’s been a pretty sedentary few weeks here at the house… at one point or another all four of us have had a foot/leg injury of some sort, which doesn’t make it very easy to get a lot of exercise in. Thank goodness for senior dogs!

We thought it would be nice, though, to get out and have an adventure, so we piled into the car on Saturday morning and set off for the South Shore.

First, we swung into Tantallon for a quick breakfast…

Obviously. This is Canada, eh. And there may have been plain timbits somewhere in there too.

While there, we discovered for the love of Daisy, and popped into see what was what. This spot is very charming, and the owner clearly knows her stuff and loves her dogs.

A few pets for the shop dogs (two GSD’s!) a few pigs ears and a bag of Crazy Dog beef lung later, we were on our way.

The original plan was to hit up some of the province’s many small provincial parks along the route. That plan, however, was somewhat derailed by the fact that it was a lovely day and by 10 am everywhere was already well on the way to being packed. We wanted somewhere quiet, where Guinness and Kaylee could get out and stretch their legs sans-leash, so that meant finding a spot that was relatively deserted.

Our first stop was Cleveland Beach, which had a lot of promise, but the parking lot was quickly filling up. This is definitely a spot we’ll come back to mid-week, though.

We'll be back!
We’ll be back!

We skipped Queensland complete (for obvious reasons – at 10:30 am the parking lot was already as packed as you’d expect for a sunny Saturday in August) and after a few more quick-hits at other spots, we decided to make a stop at a local school…

Not a half-bad view

… where Kaylee could get a little happy-dance in.

Happiest dog ever.
I wish I could take as much joy in the little things as this dog does. Happiest girl ever.

After which a drink was in order.

Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring.

We cruised long the #3 highway for awhile, just appreciating the view and the time with our pups. They both love the car, so we had some happy faces!

Objects in mirror are more adorable than they appear.

Eventually we hit Bridgewater, where we made a quick detour to Wiles Lake Farm Market for some fresh strawberries and peas, and then zipped over (at my pleading request) to Arbys for lunch, where the dogs ate half my curly fries and we shared a few of our Wiles Market spoils.

NOM NOM strawberries!
Oooooooooooh NOM NOM strawberries Mom!

After that we lazily made our way over to LaHave.


The LaHave Bakery is renowned but it was also packed so we skipped it this trip, and took the cable ferry across the river instead.

Not the longest ferry we've been on by a long shot!
After the Newfoundland ferry, this is a piece of cake!

We had planned to take the 103 highway back but found ourselves trapped behind the slowest.driver.ever so when they peel off for the highway Jason made the executive decision to take the #3 so we wouldn’t all go insane. This turned out to be a great idea, because it gave us a chance to nip through Lunenburg (where I forgot to take any photos) and take another drive through Mahone Bay.

On our way back through town we spotted a beach/boat ramp that was entirely deserted, so we pulled over to let the dogs finally get some swimming in.

We played the "get two dogs to look at me at the same time" for almost two minutes. This is the best I could do.
We played the “get two dogs to look at me at the same time” for almost two minutes. This is the best I could do.

Kaylee was shaking with excitement. She’d seen so many beaches today and we hadn’t let her get in the water at any of them (mostly because they were spots where she’d never be able to get back out) so she could barely contain herself.

If you don't let me in that water right now I will eat you in your sleep.
If you don’t let me in that water right now I will eat you in your sleep.

A little beach time makes for some happy pups!

IMG_2051 IMG_2052IMG_2096 IMG_2076 (2)

Kaylee was not happy when it was time to go.

But I wasn't ready to leave...
But I wasn’t ready to leave…

By the time we made it back to the city, everybody had had it. It may not have been a lot of exercise, but it was definitely a stimulating day!


Although a stop at Sydelles for take-out perked everyone up considerably.

Where's the take-out? When are you going to get the take-out? Why aren't you getting the take-out now? And so on.
Where’s the take-out? When are you going to get the take-out? Why aren’t you getting the take-out now? And so on.

I have a feeling no one will mind a lazy Sunday around here.

Sleeping. Go away.
Sleeping. Go away. Well… rub my belly and then go away.

Does this ever happen to you?

You wake up… everyone is still sound asleep. Not a soul in the house is stirring.

You tiptoe to the kitchen. Still nothing. You reach the refrigerator.

Still alone. Phew.
Still alone. Phew.

No one has as much as even twitched.

You gingerly open the refrigerator door. You stop and listen, to see if this has awoken the beasts. Nothing. Still seems safe.

Very quietly, you reach into the refrigerator and you grab the cheese. All is silent. You move it soundlessly from its shelf, gently close the refrigerator door and –

Hello. We see you have cheese. We also like cheese.

Cheese ninjas. 

Of course I shared. What kind of awful person could deny those faces?