Bath Time

Bath time is not a favourite activity in our house. As much as Kaylee loves to swim, she doesn’t actually like being wet very much… and Guinness … well…

But if you wanna swim in the harbour, you’ve got to be prepared for the consequences.

The inlaws have a chain-link, fenced in kennel off their deck which provides the perfect “there is no escape!” containment area, so we headed over for a little one-on-one time with the hose.

Kaylee was the first to figure out what the deal was (probably because she gets bathed more often, on account of the lovely “eau de wet chien” that comes from being the swimmer of the family).

Well, balls.
Well, balls.

Kaylee approaches bath time with a practical attitude.

"This is gonna suck."
This… this is gonna suck.

It’s what you might call “stoic, but resigned.”

"Look away... I don't want you to remember me like this."
Look away… I don’t want you to see me like this.

She starts to warm up marginally around the scrub-down part, because it’s a bit like getting many pets with squishy hands.

"Do I seem happy to you?"
Do I seem happy to you?

Then we have the rinse down, and the three stage drying method.
1. The Shake Off

"Shake shake shake... shake your booty..."
Shake shake shake… shake your booty…

2. The Towel Off

"Awwww yeah rub mah ears...that's the stuff..."
Awwww yeah rub mah ears…that’s the stuff…

3. And the Grass Off.

Ridiculous girl.
Ridiculous girl.

Guinness, in contrast to Kaylee, does not regard bath time with any sort of stoic resolve.

Haha, sucka got a bath... glad it's not... aw nuts.
Haha, sucka got a bath… glad it’s not… aw nuts.

First there’s the “plead for leniency” stage.

Please let me out.

Followed by the “vague threats” stage.

I'm going to make you regret this.
Do you see this face? This is the face of a dog who is going to make you regret this.

This is where things usually start to go badly.

Yeah no. Guinness OUT.
Yeah no. Guinness OUT.

You can see what a seamless process this is.


Somehow, I now feel as though I would be an expert at that carnival game where you have to hit the moving targets with a water pistol.

Eventually, though, all good things must come to an end.

Bath's done? High five!
Bath’s done? High five!

Guinness is what my husband calls the “Swiss Army Knife of dogs” so he’s usually dry in 60 seconds. Kaylee, however…

So wet. So very wet.
So wet. So very wet.

So the dogs aren’t too thrilled with me… but hey, at least they’re clean, right?

You know we're totally going to roll in the first mud puddle we can find, right?
You do know we’re totally going to roll in the first mud puddle we can find, right?

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