Review: Bowzer Box (September 2016)

Back in August, I decided it would be fun to order a mail-delivery-subscription-type box for the dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love toys and treats delivered to your door? Barkbox is of course the biggest and best known, but I decided to be patriotic and go with the Canadian Bowzer Box. The company has great reviews online and features at least one all-Canadian treat or toy each month. They also donate 10% of profits to Canadian canine charities.

Costs for the Bowzer Box vary based on how many month’s you sign up for, with longer terms costing less per month. I opted for a one-month only, which was $29, plus $6 shipping, and tax. I managed to snag a $5 coupon online, so total cost of the box was $34. 36 (regularly $39.35).

This review is for the September 2016 Large Dog box.

The box shipped on September 15th (as promised) and of course arrived just after we left for vacation. My tracking info indicated it was in the community mailbox, so we picked it up on the way home. I was itching to crack this baby open and see what we got!

Lemmie at it!
Lemmie at it!

The product card talks about this  month’s theme – BTS (Bowzer’s Time to Shine) and is kind of cute. It also includes info on each product on the reverse.

It also includes lyrics from a Barenaked Ladies song, so ten points for Gryffindor!
Lyrics from a Barenaked Ladies song? Ten points for Gryffindor!

They also included a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase in the Bowzer shop, where you can buy more of the items you’ll find in their boxes. When I checked, the September items weren’t there yet, but earlier boxes were.

Expires September 30th... a later date would be more useful.
Expires September 30th… a later date would be more useful.

Here’s what we got:

Northern Biscuits Wheat Free Biscuits – $4.99 – Concord, ON –
“From one falvour sold a a local farmers’smarket to more than a dozen varities now available throughout North America, one thing remains unchanged: they have a fantastic obsession in sourcing Fresh, Local ingredients from Canadian food growers.”
(no, the random capitalization for emphasis is not mine. Yes, this makes my eye twitch.)

Mmmm peanuts.
Mmmm peanuts.

Great Jack’s Grain Free Liver Training Treats – $6.99 – Pickering, ON –
“Great Jack’s semi-moist traininh liver treats are the perfect size treats to train your dog. They are 100% health, under 1.5 calories each and delicious, and they make a great reward snack anytime.”

Shouldn’t an all-Canadian company know it’s flavoUr?

Merrick Jr. Texas Taffy Beef Jerky – $3.00? – Amarillo, TX –
“Treat your dog to tasty Merrick Jr. Textas Taffy Dog Beef Jerky. This natural dog treat has that delicious beefy taste that your furry friend will love. A  new rendition on a classic treat, Jr. Teax Taffy jerky won’t stick to your dog’s teeth. Each treat caters to your dog’s natural instinct to chew and gnaw. This beef stick dog treat is a great way to encourage healthy chewing behavior and provide your pet with a tasty reward.”


Naturawls Chicken Feet – $1-2? – Belmont, ON –
“These all Canadian single Ingredient dog treats have no addatives, no preservatives, no added hormones and no added antibiotics. Ingredients to the NatuRAWls products are from entirely Canadian sources and are processed in their facility just outside of London in southwestern Ontario.”


Nylabone DuraToy Snuggle Juggles – $15?* – Neptune City, NJ – – Entertain your dog with a Dura Toy from Nylabone. These exciting and colourful toys are made from premium fabrics with double stitching at stress points. Dura Toys are tons of fun for you and your dog!”

*I could not find a price for this toy anywhere – it’s either old stock, or completely sold out. I’m guessing the former. I’m pegging it around $15. If it holds up, that’s a good value.


My verdict?……. well………

Ok then...
Just ok.

I don’t know exactly what I expected from Bowzer Box, but this wasn’t quite it. The toy is great, and the bagged treats aren’t bad – but the chicken foot and the beef jerky are small, quickly-consumed treats that didn’t really strike me as “big dog” items, and at about $1-3 each, seemed a bit cheeky to include in the 5-6 item promise. If even one of those items had been more robust, I think the overall package would have been a hit.

Guinness and Kaylee tested (almost) everything.

Peanut Butter Biscuits…. like a 4/10. A resounding “ok” from the experts. The fact that these treats are vegan means nothing to my omnivore dogs! They ate them, but they weren’t looking for more.
Bacon liver treats? 7.5/10. They were a lot more excited about these! These are a hit and low-cal so that’s a plus.


Stuffy... 6/10. It's been 24 hours and there are no holes in it so that's a plus. However, Kaylee played with it for about 3 minutes and then lost interest. She's gone back to it a few times but it isn't a favourite.
Stuffy… 7.5/10. It’s been 24 hours and there are no holes in it so that’s a win in this house. Kaylee seems to be returning to it so that’s a good sign, but once it’s no longer “new” we’ll see how much of a favourite it becomes.

Both dogs enjoyed the Merrick beef jerky, but it was kind of a bust with me. We split it in half (of course) and Kaylee devoured her half in less than 30 seconds. Guinness took a little more time, but it definitely wasn’t a long lasting chew for either of them (and still wouldn’t have been even at full-size). PetValu sells the 10″ versions locally for $4.99 but this was about half that, so probably retails for around $3. If it had been bigger, I would have given a better rating but for size and value it was probably a 5/10.

The chicken foot remains in the package, but I’m sure it will be similarly destroyed. It’s small, and I have power chewers. Probably a 3/10 for value, anyway. The Bowzer Shop sells full bags for $9 so this was probably a $1-2 addition.

Verdict: I’m happy to give Bowzer Box another chance and have ordered the October box, so we’ll see if my opinion changes, but for now I’d give Bowzer Box a “just ok” rating – I’m hoping they wow me next month, because I really want to like this product.


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