Kaylee’s Spa Day

Kaylee, as a Golden Retriever and general princess, needs regular grooming. It’s not that hard to find a groomer – a quick google search will probably give you at least a few in your area. Finding a really good groomer, however… can be a different story.

When we first picked Kaylee up, she was filthy and shaggy and matted so badly under her ears that they were half the size of my fist. The poor girl could barely sit, and the mats pulled painfully whenever she moved. She went to a groomer – a very nice gal who volunteered with LnC – the next day. She did a lovely job, and Kaylee came back clean and trim, but without any tail fur – there was just no way to save it.

Poor little muffin.

Since then, we have been really diligent about making sure she stays mat free (or as close as possible) because who wants their dog to be miserable?

Kaylee needed a collar that wasn’t filthy and disgusting, and a large pet-chain-who-shall-remain-nameless was just opening in Bedford, so I popped in and while there I tossed my name into a draw for a year’s free grooming. And won. Ten grooming sessions over twelve months. I was thrilled.



Well…. you get what you pay for. We used eight sessions, and and that was enough. When the list of things I had to ask them NOT to do to my dog was longer than the list of services they offered, I decided I’d rather pay someone than have poor Kaylee come back yet again with her tail cropped funny, or her ears all squared, or weird tufts everywhere, or whatever the hell else they decided to try this time.

By chance, the owner of our daycare was connected with a groomer called Down Home Dog, and she recommended Jennifer Sinclair.

Best decision ever.

Jenn is amazing. Kaylee loves her. Unlike her previous grooms, my girl comes back looking awesome! She also comes back happy, which is more than I could say before. Unfortunately she’s a little “difficult” because she never stops wiggling, but hey, I guess there are worse problems to have than being too happy!


She goes in looking like a bit of a raggamuffin:

Shaggy dog!
Shaggy dog!

Then this happens (photos courtesy of Jenn):

And ta-da!

Kaylee… Kaylee… look at me… look… Kaylee… do you want…. do you want a treat? … Kaylee…. KAYLEE…
That's... not better...
That’s… not better…

… yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ok she wouldn’t give me a good photo. But she comes back looking and smelling amazing! Unfortunately, this time we left the next day for vacation and ended up with this less than twenty four hours later:

Goodbye, sweet strawberry smell. Sigh.

But hey, you can’t win ’em all.

You can find Jenn – one of only two certified Master Groomers in Nova Scotia – on her facebook page. Tell her Kaylee the Wigglebum sent you!


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