Point Pleasant Pooch

Halifax has a few – not a lot, but a few – off leash areas, and one of the better ones is Point Pleasant Park.

Large swaths of this 75 hectare public park are either leash-free or at least dog-friendly during parts of the day. There’s a beach for swimming, and almost 40 km of trails (though not all of those are meant for our four-legged friends). Overall it’s a great spot, and most of the dog owners in Point Pleasant Park seem to be reasonable and responsible (unlike some other local dog parks).

The history behind the park and the various armaments and buildings is varied and fascinating (especially if you like British history) so check it the city’s cultural tour if you’re so inclined.

While Kaylee was gettin’ her groom on with Jennifer Sinclar, we decided to take Guinness for a little PPP action.

Distracted! So many things to see and smell and of course pee on…
Pant-y puppy after a long walk
Welcome to the gun show, ladies…
Just chillin’ in the shade before heading back
Enjoying the last few days of summer.

We don’t always get enough opportunity to have one-on-one time with our pups, so as much as he loves his sister, I think G enjoyed having us all to himself for a little while.

You can find info on Point Pleasant Park here and some info on their off leash rules here. 


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