Summer Vacation – Malagash Edition

Now that the weather has turned distinctly cold and the leaves are falling from the trees at an alarming rate, it’s probably time to recap our summer vacation.

Jason and I took the last two weeks of September off as vacation, and decided a week away at a cottage with a beach would be just what the dogs (and we!) needed to relax. We packed up the car and off the Malagash we went, where our cottage promised a nice, quiet ocean beach right on the Northumberland Strait.

We made a quick stop for food and other liquid provisions in Tatamagouche, then meandered into the wilderness to find our cottage.

Forget the beer, we want the beach!

It was early evening when we arrived, so we unpacked and ate (ahem… don’t bother with the local Greco, by the way), and then the only logical thing to do was the head straight for the beach!

Lemmie go lemmie go lemmie go LEMMIE GO ALREADY!!!!
Lemmie go lemmie go lemmie go LEMMIE GO ALREADY!!!!

It was everything we had hoped for. Beautiful sand, warm water (for the Atlantic Ocean, anyway) and extremely private – only three cottages on the beach, and we didn’t see a single other soul all week.

After a few hours in the car, they were happy to stretch their legs!
Ewwwww. And you know he rolled in it.
Kaylee in her happy place!

We quickly figured out the tide schedule and decided mid-tide was the best time for swimming. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t want to cooperate and it decided to rain for the next couple days. Guinness joined us off an on, but mostly decided to chill at the cottage with Jason – but a little rain never stops Kaylee from wanting to beach-it!

Rain-schmain, I’m gonna be wet anyway… hey, why do you look like a drown rat, Mom?

The whole week was mostly a routine of sleep-eat-chill-beach-nap-eat-sleep-repeat. Just what we all needed! The weather mid-week was prefect – warm enough to swim! – and the few rainy days aftewards were just enough time for everyone to rest and recover from all the fresh air and swimming.

Me and G just chillin’
My happy family <3
Kaylee: Flying Nun Edition
Come at me bro!
What’s the point of going to the beach if you don’t get dirty?
Let’s cuddle!
Ready for action!
I’m so tired…
Playful pups!
This photo is here for no other reason than that it just genuinely cracks me up.

Kaylee basically spent the week rotating between this:


and this:


Guinness, however, had a terrible time relaxing.

Work is for suckers, mom. You should chill.
Work is for suckers, mom. You should chill.

We had a few wildlife encounters while we were there. We were awoken one morning by a scratching sound… I thought a squirrel might be in the walls but it was a little closer than that…

Poorly planned, squirrel.
Poorly planned, squirrel.

I didn’t think squirrels could have facial expressions, but when this one turned and saw Guinness looking at it, I swear it made a “oh s$@% I’ve made a terrible mistake” face.

Guinness started a low warning growl one night around midnight, and we thought he was being silly… until Jason detected the distinct smell of skunk. Pepe apparently decided to spend the night under the screened-in porch so we hightailed it away from the area and prayed he’d be gone by morning! De-skunking your dog on vacation is no fun… thankfully he moved on quickly!

All in all it was a relaxing week of sun, sand, and surf… and beer, which never hurts now does it? And at the end of the week we were ready to move on to our next adventure…off to Pictou for another great weekend at Caribou Island!

*I took over 1000 photos during our vacation (because I am insane). I won’t bore you with all of them here, but if you’d like to see some of the best you can head over to our Instagram page.*



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