Kaylee’s Gotcha Day

Kaylee’s Gotcha Day was last month, and unfortunately I missed posting about it. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since we picked up our stinky, dirty, skinny mess, put her in the back of our car, and prayed she and Guinness wouldn’t get into it on the drive home from Bridgetown. She’s come a long way, baby!

We had a good day. It started out with some cuddles…

Sisters make good pillows.
Sisters make good pillows.

… then your typical bitey-face “good morning” from G…

… then we had some snuffle mat time for Kaylee (and Omega Ball time for Guinness)…

… then it was time for a little guard dog duty.

Dad's girl <3
Dad’s girl <3

Then, of course, it was playtime…

One-legged chickens are the best chickens.

… the prerequisite belly rubs…

Belly. Rubz it please.

… aaaaaaaaaaand then it was nap time, where we stayed snuggled up for much of the day!

It still amazes me that we are Kaylee’s fourth home. I know things happen… but my gosh, she’s just such a good girl. How could anybody give up that face?


Happy Gotcha Day, Kayleegirl. Here’s to many more.

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