Dog Friendly Halifax – The Cape and Cowl

We’ve been trying to take Kaylee with us to more places lately, and so finding out which parts of Halifax (and surrounding areas) are truly dog friendly has become a bit of a mission. When we can find a place close to home, it’s always a bonus.

Some places say they’re dog friendly, but you can tell they don’t really want to be. It’s just not something they want to deal with – the dog fur, the chance for accidents, the weird looks from people as dogs roam their stores.

The Cape and Cowl in Sackville is NOT one of those places.

Jay, the owner, LOVES dogs. You can tell from the moment you walk in the store that he’s happy to have you there. And you know what? Kaylee freaking adores Jay.

I think the feeling is mutual <3

Every time we go in the door she loses her mind. The wiggle-butt kicks in, and she starts wagging so hard I worry she’s going to put her eye out with her own tail. And the noises… well let’s just say everyone in a two block radius knows that Kaylee loves Jay!

Tucked away in a strip mall on Sackville Drive… keep your eyes peeled or you might miss it!

This really is an awesome spot. In addition to being a terrific comics and collectables store – with some really cool locally-made stuff, too – they’re also a safe space for youth. Does it get any better?

The Cape and Cowl  is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – go check them out, and tell them Kaylee says rawr rawr rawr!


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