Dog Friendly Halifax – Best Buy, Dartmouth Crossing

Have you ever wandered into Best Buy and thought, “gee, I wish I could find a sales associate to help me with a thing ,” but couldn’t for the life of you actually find anyone to help you? I have the solution.

Bring a dog. I suspect any dog will do, but a cuddly Golden Retriever works nicely.

Dartmouth Crossing touts itself as a dog-friendly shopping destination, and it does a pretty good job living up to that title (you can find a list of their dog friendly stores here – it’s fairly impressive). Since we lost Guinness we’re doing more and more of our shopping in dog friendly stores so we don’t have to leave Kaylee in the car alone, and Best Buy is one of her favourites.

Hasn't quite figured out where we're going yet...
Hasn’t quite figured out where we’re going yet…

The sales associates genuinely love dogs … at least the way they flock to Kaylee, they seem to! She always manages to become the centre of attention int his store… but the sales associates always ask if it’s cool to pet her, which I appreciate more than you know. See, everyone assumes the wiggly Golden Retriever is friendly (and she is) but people petting my dog without asking is one of my pet peeves. Not everybody’s dog is quite as good natured. Good training for your staff, Best Buy!

They have a section for dogs, too!
They have a section for dog-related gadgets too! Fun!

I don’t know if all Best Buy locations welcome dogs so enthusiastically, so check your local site for specifics before you start parading Fido around, but kudos to the Dartmouth Crossing location for not just welcoming dogs, but embracing them… well at last my dog, but how could you help it with that smile?

Tripods, harnesses, ... wait, AM I GETTING A GOPRO?!
Tripods, harnesses, … wait, AM I GETTING A GOPRO?!

(For the record, we were at Best Buy scoping out GoPro accessories…  more on our new piece of kit in a future post!)


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