JJ’s Retreat

The last couple of weeks have seemed to rush by; with work and friends and Jason’s birthday weekend away, there’s barely been time to think about what’s next, let alone make a decent blog post!

But speaking of weekends away…

For Jason’s birthday we decided, along with some friends, to visit JJ’s Retreat, a set of “camping cabins” in the Salt Springs region of Nova Scotia. They’re… rustic… but comfortable, and there’s electricity in each cabin and a central bathroom with running water, showers, and flush toilets, so it’s really like camping without the tent or the cooler. Not too shabby!

From the moment we arrived, Kaylee was enthralled. She loves the woods. She was running back and forth between the two cabins we’d rented, bouncing the whole way. You could practically hear her thinking… “we’re in the woods! We’re sleeping here! And there are so many hands to pet meeeeeeee…. “

Getting a head start on cuddles with Alek

Unfortunately the forecast wasn’t what we’d hoped, but we made the best of it; Friday night was the only clear night, so we took advantage of the break in the rainy weather and had a pretty awesome campfire.

Just chillin <3

Kaylee really seems to love campfires… I don’t exactly know why, but I suspect it has something to do with the frequent consumption of hot dogs and marshmellows (and the sharing… always the sharing). There may have been … ahem… a little alcohol also consumed, which meant Saturday ┬ámorning mostly looked like this:

Go ‘way. Sleepin’.

We eventually all got moving – Kaylee included – but since it was a pretty rainy day we mostly relaxed with some board games and some good conversation. Kaylee didn’t seem to mind the low key day… I have to remind myself sometimes that she’s no longer a young dog, and she needs more naps than she used to.


Of course, cuddles are worth getting up for… or at least moving to the couch…

Kaylee gravitates towards my friend Julia… I suspect because she knows she’ll get so many belly rubs…

We finished off the night with a big feast of pulled pork and other awesome snacks (of which Kaylee may have partaken… yes, I know. She’s kinda fat, and this is why!), followed by a few card and board games.

I think we broke the dog.

It was a much earlier night than the night before, but Sunday morning still looked like this:

Can’t tell who’s the favourite here…

All in all it was a great weekend. We’d recommend JJ’s Retreat – they were great guys, very responsive when we needed something, and it’s a nice, laid back location if you’re looking for outdoor time with a few amenities. They’re completely dog-friendly too, so go check them out!

Kaylee says they’re the perfect place for napping, too.

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