Sometimes it’s the little things.

Sometimes it really is the little things.

Like waking up early on a Saturday as your Golden Retriever thumps her tail against the bed, because she’s just so happy to see you. Of course, that calls for bed snuggles.

Forget the photos, rub mah bellah woman!

Or zipping around running errands while your dog rides with her head out the window.

So… many… smells…

Or driving by your favourite winter off-leash ball field to find it deserted on a sunny Saturday morning, so naturally…

Chuck it!!!
Who’s a pretty girl? I’M a pretty girl!

Or impulsively popping into Chris Brothers so you can bring home the good stuff…

Ermahgerd BACON.

Or basking in the sun, after a long week of cold and work and rain, on your warm, sunshine-y, deck with the husband and the dog and a glass of strawberry wine…

… I also like sammiches…. just sayin’…

Maybe every day can’t be an adventure… but that’s ok. It’s the little things, in the end, that make life worthwhile, isn’t it?


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