Beach Day

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to get out to the beach for Kaylee to swim – between the madness of a new puppy and some less-than-stellar weekend weather, we’ve been kind of home bound (much to Kaylee’s disappointment). So we decided that Mav needed to experience his first beach day, and we packed us all into the Escape and hit the road.

There are a lot of spots to go swimming closer to us than Queensland Beach. But Kaylee loves the car, and it’s a nice drive, and we know if Queensland is too busy we can try Cleveland or Mystery Beach or any of the other little unnamed patches of sand along the Atlantic Ocean, so we have been favouring Queensland this summer. The other nice thing is that we’re actually swimming in Queensland Lake (not the salt water beach itself) which is fresh water and much quieter – and we’re much less likely to bother anyone.

My happy place!

When we arrived it was a typically quiet Sunday morning (not a lot of beach goers at 8:30 am on the last weekend before school!) so we pulled up to our favourite spot and let Kaylee go. As usual, she was bouncing around in the water in seconds, begging us to throw a toy and diving in the water with abandon. She’s never happier than at the beach.

Maverick was a little hesitant about the water… he desperately wanted to follow Kaylee in, but there’s a pretty steep drop off at Queensland Lake, just a few feet in… so Mav would wade in up to about mid-leg and then decide that was far enough.

Come closer so I can chew on you!

And then suddenly, he got the courage to jump. And immediately regretted it.

Oh h*ck.

I missed the moment of truth – neither of us were expecting him to suddenly decide to go swimming! – but I did capture the aftermath.


After that Mav contented himself with running along the shore chasing after Kaylee… he did dip his paws a few more times, but we may not have a second water dog on our hands. I have a feeling by next spring he’ll be more inclined to try again.

Kaylee, meanwhile… well…

Wet dog = happy dog!

We stayed about an hour and then headed out… Kaylee was unimpressed to be leaving but our old girl isn’t very good at self-regulating and will swim until she collapses.

I am the saddest dog ever.

So what was Mav’s final verdict on the beach?


Jury’s still out… Kaylee says a repeat trip (or ten) may be necessary. Seems legit.








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