Kaylee is an Ambassadog!

I am so, so late in getting this post up.

So a few months ago, Wet Nose Images Halifax posted that they were looking for a crew of “Ambassadogs” for this year – basically dogs to represent their brand and embody the values of Wet Nose Images:

“We LOVE our dogs. We enjoy activities with our dogs that continually strengthen our bond and trust with each other, and keep our dogs happy and healthy. We treasure printed images and adorn the walls of our home with portraits and/or other forms of art because it adds joy and beauty to our lives. And finally, we want to celebrate and cherish every moment we have with our pups because we are so lucky to have found each other.”

Sound like Kaylee? I thought so. So I wrote a novel and sent in our submission. I won’t bore you with the whole essay, but here’s a snapshot of what I wrote.

Why would Kaylee be a great Ambassadog?

Because she loves everyone, and everyone loves her. Kaylee is just one of those dogs that people gravitate to. I know most Goldens are friendly, but Kaylee is something special. Everyone’s who’s ever met her has left smitten… friends, people on the street, that guy down the road who doesn’t like dogs “except yours – she’s so sweet..,” our neighbor who has never wanted a dog before, but is now seriously thinking about getting a Golden. Our girl charms everyone she meets. Workers at Best Buy and Canadian Tire come sprinting down the isles to pet her. Jay at the Cape and Cowl fawns over her (believe me, the feeling is mutual). Random strangers on the street stop us constantly and ask if they can pet her, or give her treats, or take her home. People we pass smile at her. Her groomers have her in their system as “Kaylee the Wigglebum.” She has a perpetual smile and no qualms about throwing her belly in the air for lovin’.

Our lives revolve around our dog. There are photographs and sketches and canvasses of them everywhere. I have 100x more photos of my dogs than I do my family or friends. Where we go, what we do and who we do it with are largely decided by Kaylee. I can’t remember the last time we ate in a restaurant without a dog-friendly patio, or made weekend plans that didn’t involve a stop at a park, a beach, or a trail. I have absolutely no regrets about that. There is no one I’d rather be with, and nowhere I’d rather be, than with my dog. You know the saying “be the person your dog thinks you are?” That’s what drives me. She’s my sunshine.

And what do you know… we were picked for this year’s team!

Cassie at Wet Nose Images is pretty cool, and a tremendously talented photographer. We set up our photo shoot at Historic Properties, and of course Kaylee rocked it! She feels totally at ease with Cassie, which really made for some awesome photos.

Werk it gurl

I’ll roll out the photos over the next year, but in the meantime.. look how pretty my baby girl is!

<3 <3 <3

If you live in Nova Scotia and you would like to get some kick-ass images of your dog, give Wet Nose Images Halifax a call – you can find them on their website, Facebook, or Instagram. Tell them Kaylee sent you!