JJ’s Retreat, Part 2

We had an awfully good time the last time we visited JJ’s so we thought a fall visit might be in order.

On our way there, Maverick decided to take advantage of the limited car space and do a little snuggling up to Kaylee. She loves to be petted but she’s not really a cuddler when it comes to other dogs… not that Mav gives her much choice.

This is cool, right? You don’t mind sharing your space with your brother, right?

It was Mav’s first time in the wood and there was SO MUCH to see and smell and taste and then run away with in your mouth because Mom is yelling “ew gross, Maverick drop it! Drooooppppp itttttttttt”.

Who, me? I’m a perfect angel… excuse me while I shred this important paperwork.
(Photo credit Christa Specht)

Kaylee got a chance to stretch her legs and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now that’s a happy dog.
(Photo credit Christa Specht)

Our friend Rob and his dog Indy came along as well (as did other, dog-less friends!) and the three of them had a blast.

Just waiting for adventure!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or better company.

Quiet and still in the ungodly-early morning. Somebody had to pee. No, it wasn’t me.

Of course, on trips like this food is always a priority.


As is begging for it. Obviously.

I see you have a hot dog. I also like hot dogs.

In the end, we had two tuckered puppies! So tired, in fact, that a little more cuddling was tolerated.


And I may have participated a little myself.


All in all… a great weekend.